domingo, 20 de fevereiro de 2011

Up Here

Local: Fonte Luminosa, Alto do Pina @ Lisboa.
Data: 16.Agosto.2010.
Fotografia & Edição: Marta Araújo.

Roll into your town and I'm walking around
Got some extra time think I'll throw some money down
And you follow me around
and you're asking for the time
Your asking what I found
think I'm gonna rob you blind.
maybe it's the tattoo on my arm
that I drew while I was bored waiting tables in new york
a heart and two flowers intertwined with a vine
I can see your point, I can see your point.
And up here I am who I am
And if you don't like it then fuck you, man
I'm not a thief and a whore
Please don't follow me around next time I'm shopping in your store.
And up here I'm making you aware
That if you don't like me well I don't care
I'll be exactly who I am and if you got a problem with it
Well that's your problem, man.
After I've paid count the money that you made
Then you go to the show like to be entertained
And I get up on the stage
Trained monkey in a cage
And it's just another day just another day.
And I can see you from my place on the stage
Third row center aisle
Hot blond with you
All smiles
And you got another woman but that's in another town
And you can't wait til this is over
Gonna lay that honey down.
And your good values taught you how to behave
Who to treat kindly and who to enslave
And like all good men you still fall to the floor
When a great big rack
And a ripe round ass
Walk through that door...

- Terra Naomi -

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