segunda-feira, 21 de fevereiro de 2011

Light Up the Sky

Local: Miradouro da Fonte Luminosa, Alto do Pina @ Lisboa.
Data: 16.Agosto.2010.
Fotografia & Edição: Marta Araújo.

Your making choice to live like this,
And all of the noise,
I Am Silence.
We already know how it ends tonight,
You run in the dark through a firefight.
And I would explode just to save your life,
Yeh I would explode.
Let me light up the sky,
Light it up for you.
Let me tell you why,
I would die for you.
Let me light up the sky.
I can't find a wall to pin this to,
Their all coming down since i've found you.
I just wanna be where you are tonight.
I run in the dark looking for some light,
And how will we know if we just don't try,
We won't ever know.
Let me light up the sky,
Just for you tonight.
Let me help you fly,
Cause you won't have time.
Cover your eyes,
Get your disguise,
They won't ask you why,
They just watch you die.
And it's still so hard to be who you are,
So you play this part,
The show goes on.
You've come this far with a broken heart,
Yeh you've come this far,
And you've broken.

- Yellowcard -

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  1. é das melhores séries ! *
    metallica, the best !

  2. Amooooooo a música do blogue :$

    You're not alone!

  3. Ena que foto excelente marta :D
    Lisboa é tao linda :)