quinta-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2011

Broken Door

Local: Fonte Luminosa, Alto do Pina @ Lisboa.
Data: 16.Agosto.2010.
Fotografia & Edição: Marta Araújo.

It's raining tonight
And the smell of the breeze through my window
Oh it reminds me of when I was a child, oh
Am I lying just awake
I close my eyes, it's like I'm almost there
Things felt like magic then.
And I think
And I think to myself
If I knew my father then I would ask
If it felt like this at twenty three
Everyday it seems more like all magic's behind me
If I knew my father then I would ask
If it felt like this at twenty three.
It was simple back then
Looking out of this same window
Oh, back when I was a child
Before my friends past away
Before my trust had to be earned
And that first drink that lasted ten years.
Summer days lying in the grass
The world seemed bigger then
I can never find a word for that feeling until she told me her name
It's what perfect means to me
She smiled at me last night
Rubbing her finger in the palm of her hand
That's when I knew that I was dreaming
I can't dream anymore.

- Bedlight For Blue Eyes -

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  1. Gosto da tua galeria de fotos.

    Vem conhecer a minha:

  2. É linda. Faz lembrar as portas tradicionais na Tunísia

  3. Olaaa!
    Gosto bastante da foto da porta tão inigmática :)
    Bom fim de semanaa ;)