domingo, 9 de janeiro de 2011


Local: Alcântara @ Lisboa.
Data: 04.Agosto.2010.
Fotografia & Edição: Marta Araújo.

If I remember the night that we met
Tasted a wine that I'll never forget
Opened the doorway and saw through the light
Motions of movement and I felt delight.
She spoke of freedom, "A way in," she said
"A wisdom that took me away from the bed"
Spoke of the glory that we had become
I felt forgiven in all I've become.
Small, tasteless, and forgot
Hoping to see, blinded like me
You tried to understand, but you're just a man
Open to scorn just like me.
Failure again
Tried to pretend
Who you were then
Who you are now.
Hating the lord.

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